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S&B Cold Air Intake 94-02 Dodge 5.9L

S&B Intake 94-02 Dodge 5.9L
Filter Wrap Black
Replacement Filter Wet
Replacement Filter Dry
Intake Elbow 24V Only
Grid Heater Delete 24V Only
$29.95 - $349.00
SKU: SAB75-5090


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75-5090DS&B Air Intake with Filter (Dry)0 LBS $349.00
75-5090S&B Air Intake with Filter (Wet/Cleanable)0 LBS $349.00
KF-1035DDry Replacement Filter for S&B 75-5090D Intake0 LBS $69.00
KF-1035Wet Replacement filter for S&B 75-5090 Intake0 LBS $69.00
WF-1023Filter Wrap (Black) for Filter in 75-5090 Intake0 LBS $29.95
76-1007-1Intake Elbow (24V Only)0 LBS $249.00

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