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Manual Air Shut off

Manual Air Shut Off
5 Air Shut off
Rubber Intake Elbow 4
Rubber Intake Elbow 5
Rubber Intake Elbow 6
5 Intake Hose Clamp
$0.00 - $122.00
SKU: PREshutoff
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PREshutoff44 inch (opening measures 3.5")0 LBS ($60.00)
PREshutoff55 inch (opening measures 4.5")0 LBS ($70.00)
PREshutoff66 inch (opening measures 5.5")0 LBS ($80.00)
CableCoated Cable Sold by the foot0 LBS ($0.50)
Optional Parts Needed:
PREelbow4Rubber Intake Elbow 45 Degree 4"0 LBS ($34.00)
PREelbow5Rubber Intake Elbow 45 Degree 5"0 LBS ($35.00)
PREelbow6Rubber Intake Elbow 45 Degree 6"0 LBS ($42.00)
5"ClampT-Clamp for 5" Intake Hoses (Stainless Steel)0 LBS ($15.00)

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